Impact case study – Shao-Ile Community, Kwara State Nigeria

Case Study – A simple low tech water well, of not more than 8-metre-deep transformed the lives of the community of Shao-Ile, in Kwara State, Nigeria.  Water is fetched from the well, using a bucket with a roped tied to its handle. A user will lower the bucket into the water, and manually pull the water to the surface. Where the water is then poured into a waiting bucket. The well has a protective ring, and a lid, to prevent young children and livestock from falling into it.

Read the account of how this simple well, transformed the community through the account of 4 community members, whose lives were positively impacted by the well.

Kabirat Bello

“Walking through the bush early in the morning, to fetch water is very scary. Sometimes, we encounter snakes which is very scary. Now we do not have to walk through the bush or walk far to fetch water.“

Aminat Yahya

“The worst part of having to go and fetch water every morning is that, when you get late to school, you are punished. As if you got to school late deliberately”

Rasheedat Ahmed

“This well is godsent! The time I save by not walking my daily five miles of so to fetch water can be spent completing my apprenticeship. The sooner I finish the apprenticeship, the sooner I can start earning!

Rihanat Bello

“This drinkable water right in our village is a great thing. It will save about 3 hours a day. We will allow the neigboring village to use it too, it will help them as well a lot”

Hafsat Ibraheem

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the women in this community. This well will greatly reduce our suffering for water. In my case, I will be able to put more time into my trading”

Mrs Ibrahim

“The well will save me a lot of time. I grow locust beans for my family. So, as well as drinking water, I may have water for my garden”.