Young fundraisers, 9-year-old Hameedah and her 7-year-old brother Abdulsalam took on the Hope Spring 2.6 challenge by skipping on their skipping rope together, 26 times. Their goal was to raise £260 for one of Hope Spring clean water projects. When Hope Spring was made aware of the sibling’s desire to raise funds, a fundraising sponsorship page was created for them.

The siblings posted a video of themselves skipping twenty-six times. Just like many things that involve young siblings, the video showed that the event did not go as smoothly as planned. At a point during the skipping, the pair stopped to argue briefly, before completing the challenge.

The 2.6 challenge was created by a coalition of fundraising organisations, to help charities raise funds during the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus. The challenge started on the 26th of April 2020.

Hope Spring water is saying a big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2.6 fundraising challenge and all the donors who helped us reach our target. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Hope Spring Water founder, Temi Odurinde, who also took part in the challenge said ‘’The 2.6 challenge was a success, thanks to everyone who participated. Your donations will give underprivileged communities access to clean, safe water”. He added an invitation to his comment saying “if you were not able to join the 2.6 challenge, you can always sign up for our 5K Fun Run in September 2020”.

You can find out more information about Hope Spring fundraising events here. And if you feel like creating a fundraising page to support our work in Africa, you can create a Facebook fundraising page and raise funds just like Hameedah and Abdulsalam.