Zariagi Community Water Well Project

This project was mostly funded by a London based family, of Nigerian origin. They wish to remain anonymous.  

The difficult task of making the project happen, by working with the community and contractors was done by Mr Abdulsalam Yusuf, who also plugged the financial gap when the project went over budget. Mr Mubarak Oladosu coordinated and organised this project.

This water well was carefully cited close to the community mosque, market and densely populated area. People within the vicinity of the well do not have to walk long distances to access clean water any more. Hope Spring charity video eCard platform also played a part in the funding of this project.


About Zariagi Community

Zariagi is a growing community located between Lokoja and Obajana called Kaba Junction in Kogi state, Nigeria. It’s located in Adavi local government which belongs to Ibera tribe. However, its population is made up of Ibera (majority), Hausa and Yoruba tribes. 

It’s hard to estimate their population, but it’s dense and predominantly dominated by locals with old buildings and structures. Similar to many rural areas in Nigeria, the major occupation in Zariagi community is farming. 

Why Zariagi Community

The community has a long history of water scarcity as a result of government neglect. Their only source of water is from private wells constructed in the houses by and in the houses of the few elite in the community. 

Due to inadequacy of supply to meet the teeming population demand for water, there are always long queues of children and women waiting for their turn to fetch water and sometimes they are denied due to excessive use. 

“The alternative source of water often involves several hours of walk and some people have to resolve to buy water every Friday to meet their needs.” Said a Hope Spring representative who moved to the community in January 2021. 


The Project

The project was contracted to locals that have a history of digging wells. The Imam of Zariagi community’s  central mosque as well as the mosque committee were involved. Other labourers like bricklayers and a blacksmith (for the well cover) were sourced outside of the community. 

The project is strategically located to serve those who are more affected by the water crisis in the community. 




Project Impact

The project provides permanent solutions to water scarcity in the area where it’s situated. 

The project is located in the central mosque of the community which is very close to the market and residential buildings. Therefore, it will provide water for ablution and immediate need for worshipers in and around the mosque, moreso, residents of the area will benefit as they no longer have to walk distance to get water. 

It will also eliminate the problem of buying water from Mai-ruwas (keg pushers that sell water) and reduce cost of living in Zariagi community.


Project Sustainability

After commissioning, the project was handed over and put in care of the Imam of the central mosque and the mosque committee. They are also informed to make it available for the community at large.





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